Saturday, July 31, 2010

home alone

after sending my housemate just now, i'm home another housemate already went back last week..but i guess i would not be too lonely staying alone at home because there're a lot of things to be done, and i still have other friends nearby..

our activities recently is to go to the fitness suite, or we easily call it gym..we either go in the morning or evening and spend nearly 2 hours, trying almost every equipment's great to go during this break time because once our juniors arrive this coming september, this marjon will be like 'malaysian village' with almost 100 juniors and 24 of my batch..just to fit this small better grab this chance while we can..

marjon fitness suite

we'll go swimming every wednesday, from 1pm to 2pm, as that is the time allocated for ladies..and the swimming pool will be congested with lots of makcik2 org putih and some emak2 who bring their kids to teach them how to swim and us,the malaysians who don't really know how to swim..cant imagine how the condition will look like when the term opens..

marjon swimming pool which has been refurbished
picture from marjon website

once in a while we will book the sports hall, and play badminton's great to have just us using the sports hall, and we can just do anything we want..that is one great thing about marjon when the holidays come..because everyone will go back to their place, and marjon will be really quite, like there's no one in the village..and of course, no one is using the sports hall in the morning for any training session..i just like it very much..

so, i have about 2 weeks staying in this house alone..what am i going to do? i have a list in my mind..better start working on it..but i'm still half awake now..had 3 hours of sleep, and i dont think that's enough for me..huhu..i'll start doing my work very soon..hehe..

*after a long time i dont write in english, i feel like a primary student writing their this how a teacher-to-be writing look like? i better practise more..huhu..

Friday, July 30, 2010

ayat for today

Allah tidak membebani seseorang melainkan sesuai dengan kesanggupannya.

and the translation in english is...

Allah burdens not a person beyond his scope.


because He knows best..and He knows better than us do..just put our faith in Him, and trust whatever Allah decides for us, that is actually the best planning after all..

a reminder for me and for go through this life,without blaming others or anything else for whatever happened and will happen in the future...


what a feeling

it's already few weeks since last i wrote something here..not really in the mood to write,but i think this is the best way to release whatever i feel right should be my sleeping time now, as it's already 1.45 am..maybe because i had a long nap this afternoon, that's why i am not sleepy tonight..but usually i can sleep easily, because i just love sleeping..erm..macam2 perasaan ada sekarang ni, which keep me wide awake, and do whatever i could do to help me calm myself down..

mula2 tadi terkejut when i heard what happened to my friend's mum..i'm very shocked actually..she's supposed to meet her mum at london and bring her mum here to jalan2 and spend about 2 weeks in uk..but suddenly, with Allah's will, her mum got sick and had to be brought to the hospital immediately..can't imagine if i were at her place..i know she must be really sad and worried..but she is very2 strong..ya Allah, give strength to my friend to go through this tough time..

and now her mum is waiting to go back to malaysia..luckily her sis is there too with her mum..when i called her just now, they are waiting for her mum to be discharged from the hospital and they are going to spend the night at malaysian hall..there's nothing can be done at the hospital throughout the weekend and it will only be very costly to stay at the hospital..

i don't know what to do actually..have to wait till tomorrow, after they go to airasia office to amend the tickets and get a new flight to go back to malaysia..then i'll decide what i'm going to do..

and suddenly i remember today's date..that's another reason for me to have this feeling i's 31st July of the might be just another day for anyone else, but it will always be a memorable date for me and my family..7 years ago,he's still here during this date..but that's his last year celebrating his big day (although we dont really celebrate birthdays)..and now he's still here, just not in the form that can be seen, but in our hearts who still remember and pray for i miss my arwah abah..ya Allah, please forgive him and save him from the hellfire..grant him jannah and place him among the right people..amin..

to my beloved abah, happy 57th birthday..even you're no longer here with me, but you will always be remembered..and you'll be forever in my i miss you abah..may you rest in peace..i'll try my best to be a good daughter who'll pray for you..

to my friend, be strong! i'm sorry for whatever happened between us..but i'm always here for you to shout for any help..

to me myself, just calm down and pray for the best from Allah..

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

menghitung hari

hari ni dah 15hb julai..starting hari ni,boleh lah mula menghitung hari..hehe..

*moga hari ni lebih baik dari hari2 yang lepas*

kisah si sotong

Malam ni terbaca satu berita yang agak menarik jugak..saja nak kongsi dekat blog yang dah 'berhabuk' dek kemalasan untuk mengupdate..

Paul, the psychic octopus who predicted World Cup matches with uncanny accuracy, is now an iPhone application. The Brazilian software developer behind the program, uTouchLabs, describes it as a "fun way to randomly choose between two options." "Cinema or theatre? Pizza or sushi? Skirt of dress? Marcia or Andrea? Ask the octopus?" it says. The user types in the options and a cartoon octopus chooses between them. The program costs 99 cents to download from Apple's iTunes. Paul, an octopus at an aquarium in Oberhausen, Germany, earned worldwide attention during the World Cup with his predictions, which included Spain's victory in the final against the Netherlands.

Taken from:

Macam2 laa manusia ni..ada akal untuk berfikir, hati untuk merasa..application sotong tu pulak yang dijadikan rujukan dan diberikan 'mandat' untuk membuat pilihan..sedangkan itu hanyalah satu app ciptaan manusia..mungkin ada yang kata 'ala,main2 je benda tu'..tak apalah, terpulang pada penilaian dan pendirian masing2..tapi andai ada akal yang boleh berfikir waras dan rasional, dan ada hati yang boleh merasa keputusan apa yang perlu diambil, kenapa mesti ada benda lain yang buat keputusan untuk kita kan?

Haritu masa baru tahu tentang kewujudan dua haiwan ni (sotong dengan burung) yang meramalkan keputusan piala dunia, rasa macam manusia ni sungguh laa suka je mengada2 kan sesuatu tu..untuk menghangatkan lagi piala dunia yang memang dah hangat setiap 4 tahun sekali ni, ada pulak haiwan2 yang dijadikan rujukan siapa yang bakal memenangi piala dunia tu..


mungkinlah kisah encik sotong dan burung ni ada sejarah mereka yang tersendiri..tapi jangan disebabkan 2 haiwan ni, akidah kita pulak yang tergugat dek percayakan tafsiran yang mereka buat..sedangkan yang dia pilih pun, main pilih je agaknya, tapi hebohlah satu dunia meng'agung'kan kebenaran pilihan encik sotong tu..wallahu'alam~

Monday, July 5, 2010

memang pemalas

just read my sister's blog..haha..i guess the last three reasons would be just the same as my reasons of not updating this poor blog..i think this blog is more like somewhere for me to express my feeling, especially during assignment time..haha..

and for sure, i'm having the problem of sharing stories of my life..i think it's just my life that i don't have to tell others..want to know a secret?i'm a veryyyy secretive person! haha..(and now it's not a secret anymore) :p

well, today is one of the special days of the calendar..because it's 5th july of the year..and it's my birthday! haha..can't help feeling excited last week waiting for this date..and today, this is the day! will write an entry for my birthday later, insyaAllah.. :)